Ray of Hope Ministries

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The Goal is to help Rehabilitate youth, one block at a time! An all inclusive approach that works with youth in a specific community, or in several different communities that will work with youth where they live; to provide community service activities such as; cleaning, abatement, services to our seasoned populations. What better place to start, than near their own homes to enhance attributes like pride in a job well done, compassion for your fellowman, build character, instill integrity and the entrepreneurial spirit of let's get it done.

Bible Ministry


Every Sunday gathering for worship 10:00 to 10:30 and Bible Service from 10:30 to 11:30

Every Wednesday 6:00 to &:00 pm, Bible scripture study and discussion, fellowship and community building discussion topics


Community and Homeless Evangelism


Saturday Mornings Outreach 10:00 to 11:00 am we canvass the community and neighborhoods to spread the gospel and the word of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior

Youth Ministry


Youth leadership training with Bible principals as the cornerstone of instructional development. Focuses on all the components that lead toward the positive aspects of being a Christian; hard working, academically proficient while fostering social skills that help others in a win-win atmosphere.

Youth Baseball / Youth Boxing


We believe in a concept that supports youth sports and activities that create teamwork, healthy competition, leadership and good sportsmanship. Both our baseball and boxing programs are co-ed and focus on the fundamentals of each specific sport.

Iron Sharpen Iron Men’s Ministry


Men’s Ministry garnishes peer development, principals of leadership, family cohesiveness, business acumen and fatherhood. Conflict Resolution training is an essential part of the program as we are to be the peace keepers out in the world.

Benevolence Program


From time to time individuals or families fall on emotional or economical hardship. Benevolence is emphasized in the Bible; that we should look out for our fellow man. So we openly invite the opportunity to help others both in and out of our membership.